Mental Abuse..You’re Not Alone!

So, First of all we are gonna see what mental abuse really is. Many of you already know what it is, or maybe many of you are already suffering?…

This topic, is, sadly a type of topic not everyone talks about. Maybe this is because we dont actually know how our brain function, or we dont know how to feel the pain. Or we are too busy consoling that “why do I care?”.


Many people throughout the day, like in high school or in any sort of academy, consistently mock someone on their appearance or the way they talk or walk.. remember these things are God-given and no one can actually change them. Ultimately this leads to a question, Why is “skin colour” a funny topic for people nowadays? This quote really sums up everything…

Please don’t judge people. You don’t know what it took someone to get out of bed, look and feel presentable as possible and face the day. You never truly know the daily struggles of others.”

Every individual has certain mental capabilities and certain mental limits in which they think or do stuff. A person if sensitive can even feel offended on even a small statement on him/her. Remember Mental Health is a disorder, not a decision. We have already seen a rise in the number of suicides over the past few years. And we have already seen the Youth claiming that they get suicidal thought every alternate night.

Unfortunately, unlike Physical Abuse, there aren’t any laws that guarantee punishments for those who regularly abuse someone mentally. “Hey, youre fat. HAHAH” or targetting their height etc, These types of comments on someone’s body, appearance, or things that they cant do anything about affects there thoughts and they think why they cant be like others? the perfect ones? who knows everything? who are fit? who are rich?? why? And then they sometimes get into depression or some sort of drug abuse that satisfies there brain and thoughts but eventually it becomes another mental abuse!

Actually, “Not caring” is NOT the cure of mental illness. Sharing with a person that cares about you can help but its not always the case that you can share your thoughts with anyone because you think that they might end up mocking you like other people did. And many-a-times, it happens! Sadly, we humans are very selfish and we only think about things that benefit us. And how can someones mental health can benefit us? so why care about it?


Before ending this I must mention that we must spread awareness on this topic because they need our help. Please see the people around you, ask them what’s wrong, be like a friend, say something nice, cheer them up, tell them they are strong, spread happiness because that is what everyone deserves…!